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Those are some great objectives. Today I swam 100 at 15 SPL, then swam the same at 17 SPL, same speed. One conclusion, why use 17 strokes for what can be achieved only using 15! Another conclusion, something must be wrong because using if I used an extra 2 strokes then my time should have been better.

I then set the TT to 1.10.
Did a 100 at about 15-16 SPL at a time of 1:32.
Then I tried to relax a bit more, SPL went up to about 17 and time went up to 1:36.
Relax obviously lead to shorter DPS. less effort, worse time.
Then really focused again and got back to 1:32 at 16-17 SPL.

Switched off the annoying beeping in my ear and just headed out for another 100.
SPL was closer to 18-19, time was 1:30.

Conclusion - I am a very unconventional swimmer and none of this makes any sense to me.
Coach Stuart McDougal knocking me into shape
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