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Hello Tom,

If anyone has thoughts about my "percentage of DPS" theory, I'd love to hear them.
TI's GZ is a bandwidth of your "percentage of DPS". What's exactly best for everyone, seems to be an indvidual matter of SR and RPE. Stuart gave some different examples of his swimmers. For me there seems to be something I'd like to call "Magical SPL". Curious, if others found the similar "effect". For me it's for some years constant 16SPL (68% - SCM-pool). I can swim it with SRs down to 1.14s and higher than 1.70s. But strange: Only one and then I'll find the 16SPL easy to hold for more than around 200m. And I have to focus on.

If I want to swim relaxed, what Mat calls "Cruising Stroke" or "Forever-Stroke", the SPL goes down to 15SPL (72%) and SR up to around 1.50s. (I know I'm slow...)

When I try to swim a bit more what Terry called "firm", 16SPL seem just to be achieved randomly. 15SPL, 17SPL, 18SPL, even 14SPL seems easier than to hit the magic 16SPL more than one or two times in a row...

But if we are ever in a stage where we still can decide, if we should lengthen the stroke or go to a higher SR, I'd prefer the first for earning more. Must say, I'm still missing the Feeling, a higher SR with same SPL gives me an advantage with more refreshing air... Still hoping it will happen some time...

Best regards,
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