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Finally, finally I have got my 6bk sorted in backstroke. Took more than 6 months focus to get it.
Always was placing the main kicks a touch to early. Probably because i was trying to drive all the rotation from the kick with not enough core lock on the main kicks and a timing that was a bit off. When I got accustomed to this early kick I started focussing on the arms more and the kick moved slowly more towards the edges of rotation. giving that aftersweep feeling.

now the 6BK timing is about the same as the asian womans standard kicktiming.
Lochtes kick is even later. Never could imagine how his kicktining worked, but now i have an idea.

2Bk timing is much earlier, on the catch instead of the finish of the stroke, thats why it took so long to get the 6Bk timing sorted, starting from a 2BK timing. Still confusing switching from 2Bk to 6Bk in backstroke.

2Bk timing on catch with afterkick that are timed almost the same as Lochtes main kicks.
In fact its a 4Bk with 2 rotational mainkicks instead of one per switch.
standard 6Bk timing
Lochtes late kicktiming

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