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Originally Posted by RXL View Post
I thought I would post this to see if it would help anyone else. I as a beginner have been suffering from being excessively winded from my swimming having to have frequent rest breaks in open water. My breathing pattern has always been three strokes then breathe. I then read a post called 'Open water breathing patterns' which suggested different patterns of breathing. I tried the three-two three pattern on my last open water outing and managed to complete 1500 metres non-stop and I thought I had a fitness issue!
I have always been a fan of breathing whenever I felt like it just like when I'm riding my bike to the pool. Oxygen is tasty, it's free and out bodies respond well to it so take all you like! I do appreciate that breathing can be a real tough thing for new swimmers and slow them down a lot, but once you can breathe w/o disrupting your stroke gobble it up!
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