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Default Heavy Water ???

I'm not sure where to best ask this question and thought this may be the best conference for a strange question.

Saturday was the first day fit for swimming in the community outdoor pool. Sunny and hot - just ask anyone who went to the Paul McCartney concert in Halifax. It rained most of June!!

The water was lovely and not too warm ... maybe 82 or 83F at noon time. Yesterday afternoon at 4pm my wife and I were back to the pool. The water was cooler at 81F and a cool wind was blowing. However it seemed difficult to get any speed - so to speak. It was like when ice skating with high humidity. It takes more effort to skate and the ice is said to be "heavy". So has anyone felt the water for swimming to be "heavy" at times? I mentioned to my wife how I felt achieving any speed was difficult and she too felt this and said the water felt "heavy". Any comments? Thanks.
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