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Originally Posted by Talvi View Post
@CoachDavidShen: I use a HR monitor (only the Poolmate HR works u/w though) but have no idea of how to read / calculate etc my lactate threshold
to be honest, the concept of LTHR, or even HR in swimming is relatively new as only recently have devices come on the market to enable decent readings of HR while swimming. but even then, how can you even take a peek at your HR when you're in the middle of swimming a lap and when it's on your wrist? (FINIS's audible HR monitor is more interesting in this regard).

people have used CSS or Critical Swim Speed in some circles but for TI, it's not as useful as training for swimming fast because in most instances means you shouldn't be anywhere close to a HR where you'll flame out shortly (ie. at LT HR).

For sprint swim training and for elites, managing effort (or more exactly, your effort at which you approach your LT) will be a factor as when you get your swim form skill maximized, then the only thing left to optimize is holding your swim form and efficiency while increasing effort.
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