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Originally Posted by terry View Post
As for self-judging vs measurement, the distinction is important. A good topic for discussion, eh?
Here's my take:
Self-Judging. If my time falls short of what I thought it should be I feel sorry for myself.
Measurement. Whatever time the clock may show is simply a data point, a piece of information. It's not terribly useful unless I have at least one other data point -- splits that produced it, SPL, tempo. Mojo too. And I'm grateful for the info because it tells me where my weak point is and I relish working on those.

I think that distinction is critical to being a happy, fulfilled, mentally-energized -- but in no way complacent -- swimmer as we age.
Well said Terry. That says exactly what I think is so. You explain things clearly and competantly. You are the scource of TI and we are very grateful and fortunate.
May we swim with ease at the speeds we choose.
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