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Default Speaking of gadgets...

Originally Posted by CoachDavidShen View Post
being a gadget freak, i of course had to pre-order one ;-). will post here on how it well it works. given that the band on my swimsense is deteriorating due to pool water exposure, i am anxious to give this one a try. i would swim with my Garmin 910Xt but it's a bit bulky and looks like this one is better for pool swimming....whereas the 910XT is probably better for OW swimming because its GPS.
Speaking of gadgets, a tech savvy friend who's new to TI and I were talking about developing a "virtual coach" tool. Imagine an underwater web cam married up to a notebook or smart phone app, that would allow you to video conference to a coach for real time viewing and discussion. At a $200 price point - hit or miss? assumes you have Wi-Fi or wireless internet on your notebook or phone..
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