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Originally Posted by Talvi View Post
I'm doing ow swimming so I read this thread with that perspective and was interested in what Chris wrote....

I started looking at watches prompted by the Suunto Ambit, but in reality they feel way OTT for me (I'm hardly an athlete!) or else they seem like Mickey Mouse aimed for FB etc., so I'd like to ask your advice. Hope that's ok here? Maybe I should have started another thread...

I'd like something for ow swimming, to get an easier and more accurate idea of distance and time than poring over Google maps. Even though I'm a poor swimmer it'd need to be accurate as +/- 10m would add up to a big difference at this point, swimming to and fro. (I'd also like to use it in much the same way for xc-skiing)

My idea is to get away from over-concern on metrics by having them readily available. With a suitable device I could follow what my body wants to do and then see how that has measured up rather than set and then see how those made me feel. Perhaps this is all diversionary though, but I feel it might be motivational and take the guesswork out of things.
Talvi, if you just want to know how far you swim then I use a lot as their mapping measures point to point so you can measure one end of a lake to another or you can plot a course around the edge of a lake if you choose to swim that way. I checked and it covers finland.
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