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Default Advice with an irritating niggle.

I'm looking for advice with the following problem, that I've recently developed when swimming breastroke.

Since this is my first post on the website, I think it's probably best if I explain my current level.

I'm a recreational swimmer, who has returned to swimming in the past six months as a means of keeping fit and as such, I frequent the pool on at three least occasions each week, swimming at least a mile on each occasion.

Within that time, my stamina has increased, my stroke count has improved and the time taken to complete a mile (choosing breastroke) has also reduced. I'm also beginning to reap the rewards of time spent in the pool as my body is developing rather favourably.

However, during the last few visits to the pool, I've begun to exprerience the following irritating niggle.

Having entered the glide phase of the stroke (with my arms extended in front of me and legs straight behind me), I feel as though my body rolls slighty under the water. The best way I can describe the feeling is to suggest that the left hand side of my body is further under the surface of the water than my right.

This doesn't happen as soon as I begin my session; it tends to occur half way through and it doesn't occur with every stroke. It has has no adverse effect upon the effectiveness of my stroke count or times but when it does, it creates a sense of feeling unstable beneath the water.

I wonder if anybody else has sufferred from this sensation and if so, what they did to correct it.
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