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WOW, THREE YEARS LATER and my post is still on the FIRST PAGE!!!

I regularly swim at least a mile but I now have glass beads at the edge of the pool to help me count. I'm doing this because I'm participating in a swimming challenge thing so I want to he honest about my number of laps.

I reread the entire thread and the tempo trainer was mentioned. I think I'm going to buy one tonight but I'm not 100% confident it is right for me. A small issue is how to wear it. I read that it works best under your cap but I don't wear one. I want to clip it to my goggles.

I swim at one of two pools on our university campus and most of the young people are much faster than me. Part of me doesn't care because I'm doing my own thing but the other part wonders if this is simply a function of my age (about 3x greater than most of them!) or my technique! I thought the tempo trainer would help improve my time.

I also bought the "Turn the TI Way" but haven't used it much yet. I do think that would be helpful but I have to get over that initial hump. :-)

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