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Default update on progress with the TT

Well, after a couple of weeks working with the TT at twice the stroke rate, I am getting used to this thing. I have been swimming 300 yd. sets with it and I'm starting to feel more comfortable. One difference that I note is that, without the TT, in the last lap or two I tend to pick up the pace because I know I am almost done. The TT of course prohibits that, which takes about 10 or 15 seconds off my times. I still can't figure out what I am synching to on the offbeat. Sometimes it feels like my hand in the back position and sometimes it feels like a leg recovery. That is, when I kick, I leave my leg down a while before pulling it back. I don't know how much of this is stuff I was doing before and how much of it is stuff I find myself doing now that the TT is on. Would be grateful for any further thoughts and feedback.
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