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Default using tempo trainer at double the pace

A while ago I posted a question, because I was having trouble syncing off the turns with the tempo trainer. Many thanks to everyone for their advice and help on this issue. The tip that helped the most was to set the TT to twice the speed. That gives you the chance to sync of the half beat when you turn, which really made things much easier. In the process, however, I found I was syncing to both beats while swimming, even when the TT was beating twice per stroke. When I was done, I tried to figure out exactly what I was syncing to on the half beat, and I'm still not sure, but here is my best guess. I spear forward on the first beat and then I pull my opposite hand out of the water to initiate a recovery on the second beat. If this is true, it tells me something I hadn't realized consciously before; that is, there is a hesitation where I glide with my recovering hand at my hip before I pull the hand out of the water to start the recovery. I would be interested to know whether other people have this glide period with their hand at their hip or is it only me? Any insights into the pros and cons of this and using double time with the TT would also be appreciated. Thanks in advance
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