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Default Betterfly in Chesapeake Bay Swim!

For my first official swim event ever, I entered the 1-mile division of the Great Chesapeake Bay Swim in Maryland. My goal was to use the relaxation skills Terry taught in Betterfly for Every Body, and attempt to keep to Fly stroke for the full mile. TODAY I DID IT! One of the organizers cheered for me when I went in, and was there with a double high five for me at the finish line. This is SO amazing! I can absolutely guarantee that I did NOT set any records for speed, but while I started last in my "wave" I did NOT finish last in that wave, in my age group, or for my sex. That's OK by me!

I'm hoping to be selected for the 4.4 mile swim next year, but I don't think I'll try to fly the whole thing. I'll probably freestyle until I get in sight of the finish, and then fly for the end to show I still have the energy. THANKS TERRY!!

Brian Suddeth
Bowie, MD

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