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Default Mat Thanks for Sharing

Balance is something to work on.

So here are my questions:

1) In the drill with your hands moulded to your hips, how do you balance? If I put my head and shoulders lower then I won't make it up for air anyway. That is why I wanted to work on my kicking. When I kick sometimes I go nowhere.

I stopped that drill and work mostly in the skate position. My hand is in the proper position and it is much easier to rolll to air.

2) In the superman glide do I lower my arms more? It frustrates me that Shingi can have his arms part way out of the water and his glutes also are a little out of the water and his head to. Yet he still almost does not sink. I would need my arms at 4 o'clock and my head submerged to sink evenly.

3) In your test for sinking with your feet fixed on the lane or kick board how do you bubble through your nose? Each time I start to bubble I sink and once I start sinking there is no getting back to the surface. Should I use my arms to stay near the surface?

I am going to read your post at least one more time and then try it out.

Thanks again,

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