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If a pullbuoy helps you significantly, it shows you that your body is not naturally balanced.

Some bodies are horribly balance-challenged. For some of us “adult-onset swimmers”, it's never been possible to float. In superman glide, my legs begin to sink after maybe 1 second, even with full lungs. But that's not keeping me from swimming. It just takes us longer to find air when we swim and have the confidence to keep plugging away. I remind myself that Terry often said we swim through the water and not on top of it.
Yes, agreed
but i found that a certain level "taughness" in the lower abdominals / glutes will give a level body position

but i only discovered that through trying a pullbuoy then i prompty ditched it once i had found the key.

if you dont know what it feels like it'll be hard to "discover" it
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