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Hey Ian, you do that too? How cool. Provides fun info, gives you an insight about your current level of fatigue (ie, when those 14s lengths are rare and that you drift toward 17), etc, all the time that is as you no longer have to count.

But I agree for sure, this is not for a) those who have a larger wide variation of dps and b) those who haven't gone through the process of counting first.

Hey, one other interesting thing that's not often said about counting stroke, is that very often, it ain't a matter of counting stroke or even being aware, as we both are, of our stroke count, but rather to start managing the glide prior flipping.

Because before loosing a full stroke, you start loosing fraction of it. And there it's the time to try and react. Because some time gets lost gliding prior flipping as a result of poor dps management.

In fact live in a race, where you may need to take tactical decision as per dps, this is the most important aspect as it can get you to become proactive, ie react by self adding a stroke per length before really becoming tired trying to save the actual stroke count, or focusing on technique or push off the wall torpedo in order to avoid loosing that stroke.
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