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Default Il n'est pas nécessaire, mais je le recommande

As usual, you make good points. I would still highly recommend especially to swimmers not used to counting strokes to first develop the habit until it becomes second nature. Like yourself, I know that my range for faster swimming is between 14 - 16 SPL in a 25m pool. Counting has become so ingrained and I have swum enough laps to know how many strokes I have taken just by what arm I take my last stroke with, as you suggest.

However, while coaching several triathletes this summer, it took me a few sessions of "4321" and swim golf before they started to get the hang of counting all the time. Especially at the beginning of learning new technique, it can be surprising how much difference there can be in stroke count from one length to the next. Several of the swimmers who started with SPL from 24 got down to 16/17 by the end of summer, but they really had to focus to become consistent

Even when we have no TT or pace clock, counting strokes will give us some idea of how well or poorly we are doing.

By the way, as a former Montrealer, it was nice to see the background of the Olympic pool at Île Sainte-Hélène in one of your videos. I saw the World Swimming Championships there and love training there when we visit family.
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