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Originally Posted by CoachBillL View Post
I was interested by this story ( about the test one has to pass every season to re-up as a New York City lifeguard -- the swimming test is 100 meters in 1:20 (don't know if it's long course or short.) I would flunk by more seconds than I care to mention -- not that I'm planning to apply -- but it's an interesting goal...All I have to do is string together four 19-second lengths, right?

This does appear to be a very tough requirement and consider the age of this group (range from 57 to 70), most if not all of them would certainly have had competitive swimming background.

In addition, this 100 meters time seems to be for long course (I suspect there are very few 25 meter pools in the States, most are 25 yards) based on the following text:

"The thrice-weekly sessions focus on shorter, harder intervals, to mimic the test. A typical workout is two laps in the pool at an almost all-out pace, done four times, with just 20 seconds rest between each two-lap set. "
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