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Default open water vs land opportunities....i guess I am not a true fish!

Originally Posted by haschu33 View Post
For my experience life gets a lot more intense and joyful if I am aware of my own impermanence. I could even think of participating in an OW event ;-)
Unfortunately I constantly keep forgetting about impermanence.

In fact, we could all die at any moment.
That is the point.
Hang on in there...

PS. Some years ago I saw a British stamp that showed
a cartoon where a man went to the pharmacy and asked:
'Do you have something against the human condition? 'That was truly British.
and I like you
and I hope I will continue to learn from you
and I know have to go look up the word "impermanence" Thanks once again

i rather dance than swim
i guess but that's
splashnpat! ZumbaPat till Shinjipat...we'll see:0 hello swimmNguys!

hi my haschu33
good friend along (with my belief)
is a wise man as well!

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