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Haha, so glad to hear that 3 of my mentors whose insights and advice have helped so much still have frustrations and setbacks like I do. And somewhat humbled by the knowledge that you guys are performing and allegedly experiencing setbacks at a much higher performance level than I do.

I spent this morning at the track, attending to running speed tuneup to address absolute speed issues that have fallen into decline in this past season of focussing on running endurance in support of my IronMan attempt (BTW I completed my first IronMan at Mont Tremblant August 19). Placed 2nd in 70 age group. 1hr 45 minute 3.8k swim, which included a somewhat long beach walk and stair climb to get to the Wet-Suit peelers. So not a fast swim by any means, but I arrived at the bike start in very good shape.

But I have to admit, despite my frustration at slow progress in swimming, I am better than I was last year -- in that I can do lengths with less perceived effort and still maintain some semblance of lower SPL than before. So the combined effects of insight, putting insight into actual mechanical followthrough and practice, and then solidifying this with mindful repetition had actually paid off slowly but steadily. And I will continue to work on this in the same fashion.

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