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Hello Danny,

So, Werner, I know you didn't ask me these questions, but that's my input, for whatever it's worth.
Thank you very much for jumping in! Seems we're in the same age-group with very similar experience in aging and swimming. Not being alone with such somewhat disregard things feels like a kind of help. When thinking about I do admire Terry even more.

In the beginning of the year I did it and worked regularly through one of Mat's 12-weeks-courses, starting in very bad shape and succeeded nearly to reach my state three years ago or so. Then I had to be off the pool for three weeks (holydays and more or less small illnesses are much more often then 30years ago...)... Resulted in a shape as before the course started... And worse, a video from last weeks showed that my stroke didn't improve as I hoped (and felt) before.

So much (interesting!) inner and outer things to learn!

Best regards,

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