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Hello ZT,

thank you for taking time and effort for such a long answer! (Although I once again deducted from the topic...) But now I think I've got a better picture of your swim-work in and out of the pool. Your 48hours-day remains a miracle... Understand, you wan't tell all your secrets in an open forum :-)

...That was a some time ago. The novelty wears off. You work on other things that dont work as well as on your best swims, and after a while you rediscover the same things again, only from a slightly improved total package...
That's what I do like so much and what (Terry/TI in my case) presented to make swimming such an interesting sport. Same things, same words (the illusion) of correct understanding... totally different a year later in a (hopefully) upward spiral...

...Its like riding on a bike where you never drive in a perfectly straight line. You are always adjusting a bit.
Swimming is a bit the same, but 10 times more complicated, which makes it interesting at the same time...
Will confirm it 100%! (Might be a historical event :-) )

...Mostly, when combining common sense and proprioception, what feels right is right.
You have to add a lot of common sense, knowing what is an effective movement and what is an automatic , easy movement...
Damned, wished I could say the same about my own skills! All my hopes are in Kaizen. (Just had a somersault-back, when I had to whatch my owns stroke in a short video-sequence again since some years...)

...Still want to hear more Wermer?...
Seems I'm allowed: Do you have a sequence of FPs you're working on, like TI's BSP, or do they bop up and vanish dayly/weekly/monthly?

...People with real swim talent pick up all the cues they need along the way without thinking much about it...
Sigh... But sometimes I console myself that our work is much more interesting...

Thank you ZT and best regards,
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