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Hello especially ZT and Mushroomfloat,

Advocating Stuart's, don't overcomplicate things in the pool, I do like these thoughts and IMO sometimes hairsplittings very much as translation-exercise and intellectual games (failing in both sometimes...). And if they're helpful in anyway in anyone's swimming, great!

What I'm interested in:

- How long are you trying to include and test all these finesses?
- How do you decide, I'm failing with that or I do that right?
- Do you create FPs where you work on?
- In which point do you decide: Good to hold or not worthy to work further with (out of which ever reasons)?
- How do you isolate these fine tunings from the environment of the whole stroke these high-performance swimmers are swimming aside your actual points of interest?
- What are the reasons and how do you offer these things to your students?
- Are you discussing these things in non-TI-Forums too, and how are the threads, with what results, running there?
- And how did you create your 48hours-day to find and analyze all these things? (That's the most important quesiton ;-) )

Best regards,
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