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Try it mushroomfloat, I am pretty sure you will like it. Its in the statue of liberty style of swimming.
Its funny how you can watch different videos so many times but still not understand fully whats being said. Until you have done it more or less yourself you fail to understand the words. You only absorb what you already know from the words, or they just pass unnoticed.
That makes it interesting to watch the same videos a few years later.
Now you see different things again in the same videos after you discovered new things.
It still amazes me there is so little talk/video about what muscles in the core do what at what time.
There is a lot thats happening inside that translates to the style of swimming, and how the arms and legs react to the sequence of core muscles fired.

That big air under there, hmm thats more to exagerate the flying arm in the air and feel the balance of that on your low lenghtened underwater side.
Its a bit like balancing on a bike while swinging with an arm. exagerating it makes you aware of your balance and if you can hold balance with big disturbtions from the swinging arm you have improved your balance on that edge.
Next step is going from that balance to your anchor in a smooth way, and loading that catch for a moment with the weight of the recovering arm and high side of the body.
Thats also a sort of balance, but now more on your anchor point.

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