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Originally Posted by Zenturtle View Post
This recovery drill isnt so much about the precise catch details, but making a mental picture of solidifying and stretching the low side while the upperside of the body stays flexible and loose.
This way you ride on the ramrod stright lowside and hav this as a foundation for a short while before setting up your catch, but at the same time you free up the high side of your upperbody to throw the upper shoulder forward as you throw froward a roll of rope from a boat to the shore.
Wow, Zenturtle, I've been following multiple threads and intricate descriptions of mechanics of rotation, recovery and catch setup for years, but this is the first time I've understood such a succinct description of the profound difference one should make in the tone of the low side and high side upper body quadrants.

It really makes a whole lot of sense to me the way you describe it -- I wonder why I didn't see this earlier. Or was this a sort of between the lines thing that one innately understood when doing it, so it didn't need to be explicitly stated?
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