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This recovery drill isnt so much about the precise catch details, but making a mental picture of solidifying and stretching the low side while the upperside of the body stays flexible and loose.
This way you ride on the ramrod stright lowside and hav this as a foundation for a short while before setting up your catch, but at the same time you free up the high side of your upperbody to throw the upper shoulder forward as you throw froward a roll of rope from a boat to the shore.
With the loose uppershoulder you can also ROTATE that shoulder and upperbodypart a bit up-WHILE KEEPING THE LOW PART STRETCHED OUT AND STRAIGHT-, so its not just rotating the whole core, but the left and right body part have different tone and move differently.
This relaxing and upward roling of the high side als frees the shoulder joint itself from stress, the upper arm isnt pressed back towards the shoulderjoint so much as without this movement.
Elite swimmers take this opportunity to take the arm even higher and closer to the centerline, and shoulder very close to the head, but there is no need to this as an amateur if you are too stif. The basic idea can be copied though.

The above described be seen clearly in sec 33 to 37 in Pellegrinis relaxed stroke.

Her low side is a perfectly streamlined straight vessel. On that vessel she moves her shoulder and arm very loosely forward, almost independantly.
When you look at the stroke from this prespective, you see Toarmina has the same basic idea in her recovery drill stroke. A lot of elite swimmers practice this style too. Its pretty fundamental in the total setup of the rhythm of the stroke.

Try to swim this way some time exagerating the idea. It can give a big aha erlebnis moment in your swim development.

Right after the riding on the outretched edge, the outstretched edge is formed into a solid paddle at the low side, the transition gains momentum and the the loose high side is throw in the water etc etc

Hayden Wooley also has some of this idea in his stroke

And this guys above water upper body halfs action

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