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Originally Posted by wmeg View Post
I swim a lot on my own in open water but occasionally I get to swim with different groups.

I am always one of the slowest swimmers and have to swim flat stick not to be left behind and these are generally not elite swimmers.

I recently had some one on one TI coaching and there was a couple of things to tweak and having attended to those I feel really great in the water but in terms of speed it doesn't seem to do anything.

Swimming by myself it isn't an issue only when I join a group.
The question that I have, is this a general thing among TI swimmers?
Hi wmeg,

After being coached and you felt great in the water - what felt great? Be as specific as you can. Also - were you (are you) swimming at the same speed feeling great in the water? Given the new feeling in the water - what did you discover that was not so great or causing you problems before seeking coaching?

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