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Good stuff. Glad to hear you got something from it. You can tweak the odd thing here and there but being comfortable and feeling like you can sustain it is the most important thing.

I tend to swim somewhat of a lopsided stroke. I breathe only to one side and so I glide more when that hand enters the water whereas on the other side my leading hand isn't so patient and initiates the pull earlier (probably to give me more stability when I breathe). It gives the impression that my stroke is more of a gallop than a rhythmical 1-2, 1-2. To some this is heresy and I must start to breathe bilateral immediately to make my stroke more symmetrical but it's actually very common, even amongst pro pool swimmers.

Basically, don't get so hung up on stroke that it hinders you or detracts from your enjoyment. Also I personally believe 'effortless freestyle' = slow freestyle. It's a myth. You don't get something for nothing.
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