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Were you in a wetsuit? I personally don't find TI as a method of swimming helps me when swimming in a wetsuit. A more shoulder driven stroke with faster turnover works better if your wetsuit offers lots of buoyancy around your hips and legs.

Coach Brett Sutton who has more world champions and olympic medalists in triathlon than any other coach (for example) doesn't even bother teaching people how to be balanced or to feel the water. Every training session incorporates pull buoy and paddles. His philosophy is you can buy balance off the shelf for $300 so why bother wasting time when you could be getting yourself conditioned to swimming 3800 strokes.

This is so un-TI it's probably going to upset some people but check out this video. I've uploaded it to my OneDrive for a while as it's now private on YouTube for some reason. Probably using it as coaching material but I grabbed it while it was public:!At8VkowVsd0j90VZmLyNu85Y0Uoq
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