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Default Pre-Race Practice

Friday 10 July 2000 LCM in 45 minutes [Season Total 17,200m]
I've had a hard time getting to the pool this week--combination of a busy schedule and some inconveniently timed late afternoon t-storms.

And tomorrow morning will be my first race since last summer, the inaugural Mystic Sharkfest, a 1500-m swim through the historic seaport of Mystic on the Mystic River. It looks like great fun. I'm doing it to share the experience with my good friend Amby Burfoot, the 1968 Boston Marathon champion and long-time editor of Runner's World magazine. Since turning 60, Amby has been an avid TI swimmer, who still takes great pleasure in running.

Besides the pleasure of spending time with Amby and his wife Cristina, the Sharkfest looks like great fun. Read about it here.

Last evening I'd done 6 x 200 at fairly brisk pace along the line in Lake Minnewaska, increasing tempo 1.06, 1.05, 1.04 every 2nd, so I hoped to keep my effort pretty moderate this morning to avoid feeling flat going into tomorrow morning's race.

Tuneup 800m continuous with Fistgloves
This was at an RPE of 1 to 2. I was very happy to keep SPL at 40-41 throughout. I think this is as efficient as I've ever been in a 50m pool for a long-ish swim with gloves on.

Main Task 16 x 50 on increasing tempo. Try to minimize increase in SPL
This makes two consecutive pool practices (albeit 5 days apart) on which my main task was 50m repeats, but shorter repeats allow me to swim brisker tempos and times, with less residual fatigue.
I started with Tempo at 1.19 and increased by .01 on each successive 50, finishing at 1.04 tempo, the fastest tempo I'd swum at last night in the lake. Right now this feels like the upper limit of tempo at which I can maintain a strong but not excessively taxing pace.
SPL was 37-38 at 1.19 = 24:20 1500m pace (RPE 3)
SPL was 38-39 at 1.10 = 22:48 1500m pace (RPE 3.5)
SPL was 40 at 1.04 = 22:12 1500m pace (RPE 4)

I finished with 200 Cruise (1.5 to 2 RPE) at 35-36 SPL.
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