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Default How I Kept My Stroke Long (and Smooth) at Fast Tempo

Sun 5 July -- 2400 LCM [Season Total 15,200m]

My last two practices revealed weaknesses at an SPL of 42-43 and Tempo near 1.0 sec/stroke. At both I feel a bit rough and rushed, effort doesn't feel sustainable, and I gain no speed from slightly lower SPL or slower Tempo.

In today's practice I worked on that weakness with mostly 50s, all of them with Tempo.
Tuneup 50+100+150+200
I swam this series at RPE-1 Perfect, holding SPL consistently at 36-37 as distance increased. I didn't use TT, but am now curious how slow I'd need to set Tempo to hold the same stroke counts for same distances. I'll do that sometime this week.

Main Set: Tempo Pyramid
This was unusual in that I spent far more time increasing than slowing tempo.
6 x 50, slowing tempo by .02 sec/stroke from 1.20 to 1.30. SPL decreased from 38 to 36-37 (SPL was higher going in one direction than in the other).
32 x 50 increasing tempo by .01 from 1.29 to .98.
I held 37 SPL almost to a 1.20 tempo, then held 38-39 to about a 1.10 tempo. I began adding strokes more frequently between 1.10 and 1.00, but still felt smooth and controlled. SPL was 41 at 1.00 and 42 at 0.98.

I was very pleased with how this set worked out. Changing tempo by the smallest increment (.01 sec/stroke) always makes adaptation much more successful.

What were my times?
Adding 3 beeps for pushoff
At 1.30 sec/stroke x 37 SPL my 50m = 52 sec = 26:00 for 1500m
At 1.20 tempo x 37 SPL = 48 sec - 25:00 for 1500m
At 1.10 tempo x 38.5 SPL = 45.6 sec = 22:48 for 1500m -- This combination felt like my Sweet Spot today
At .98 tempo x 42 SPL = 44.1 sec = 22:03 for 1500m. Not sustainable, but felt good for 50m.
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