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Default Finding my Tempo Trainer 'Discomfort Zone'

Sat 4 July 3200 LCM [Season Total 12,800m]

Today I decided to follow up on my last practice in which I discovered a week point at 42SPL--I worked harder, felt rougher, and didn't gain any speed, compared to 40SPL on the previous round.
Today I experimented to find my weak point via Tempo instead of SPL.

16 x 50 Tempo Pyramid
I started with Tempo at 1.06, slowing it by .02, then increasing by .01.
My SPL was 43 at 1.06. I planned to keep slowing Tempo until SPL dropped to 39. That occurred at 1.16. Then I began increasing Tempo by .01, intending to continue until my SPL hit 42--the count that had been my weak point in Thursday's main set of 100m repeat. I hit 42 SPL at a Tempo of 1.02--much better than my starting point on this set of 43 SPL at 1,06,

Main Set
3 rounds of (3 x 100 with Fistgloves + 5 x 100 with Tempo Trainer)
The 100s with Fistgloves were at all RPE 1-2, 40-41 SPL and times of 2:05 to 2:08. I did them mainly to sensitive my hands to hold water and for a bit of a rest break between the more effortful rounds of 100s with Tempo Trainer.

Tempo Trainer 5 x 100s
Round 1: Tempo 1:10 Average SPL 40 Average Times: 1:38-1:39 RPE 3
Round 2: Tempo 1.07 Average SPL 41 Times: 1:37-1:38 RPE 3+
Round 3 Tempo 1.05 Average SPL 42 Times: 1:37-1:39 RPE3 +

My takeaway is that I'm not yet ready for a 1.05 Tempo. I didn't work harder, but neither did I swim faster. In another week I hope to be better adapted to that Tempo, and a 42 SPL and see them produce faster times than lower SPLs and slower Tempos.
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