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Default 5 rounds of 3 x 100

Thurs 2 July 2100 LCM in 45 min at Ulster County Pool [Season Total 9600m]

Tuneup 6 x 100 on 2:20 with Fistgloves. I held 40 SPL and descended to 2:06, with average time 2:08. RPE was 1-2. SPL a bit lower and times a bit slower than the last time I used Fistgloves, earlier in the week. But I was already fully tuned up that time.

Main Set 5 rounds of 3 x 100 on 2:00, with 30 seconds extra rest between rounds.
I plan to make 100m repeats, done in several different ways, the 'meat' of my pool training this summer. I want to see if I can develop more speed this summer than last by concentrating more on shorter repeats. Last summer I cycled through main sets of 200m, 100m, and 50m repeats.
Round 1 I held 1:43 at 38 SPL. RPE 3
Round 2 I held 1:39 at 39 SPL. RPE 3+
Round 3 I held 1:36 at 40 SPL RPE 4
Round 4 I increased SPL to 42 (I'd intended 41, but didn't have good control) and went the same time, despite working noticeably harder. RPE 4+
Round 5 I decreased RPE to 41 and descended 1:36, 1:35, 1:34. Felt much better and RPE 3+ to 4 as I descended.

This told me that my optimal SPL right now for faster swim paces is 41. This is only slightly above the mid-range of my Green Zone. I SHOULD be able to swim 42 SPL feeling good control and see faster times as a result. I can do this by swimming more with Tempo Trainer to adapt to faster Tempos. Right now my Tempo comfort zone only extends to about 1.04 sec/stroke. I'll work until that is faster than 1.00.
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