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Sounds good Terry.
On another note, in regards to the thread "Magic of easy days", I often use those morning periods, whether doing 1000yd main sets or swimming for a straight 30min., as a restorative/blissful session. And agree wholeheartedly on its benefits! It's not slacking off, in fact it's smart and enlightening.

I intended to use your last practice example as a restorative one, as you did, yesterday morning but ended up @ the OP's office with my adolescent daughter who's suffering from a running injury. So, I saved it for after work.
However, my RPE (rate of perceived effort) was a bit higher considering it was later in the day and I felt pretty rested.

As I mentioned I began my tune-up as all FR
6x100 FR on 1:00 all @ an average 14spl (initial lengths are usually 13)
Peeking at the pool clock my best observation at times, from 1:32 - 1:27 per repeat.
Main Set
6x200 FR
#1 avg 14spl @ 3:03 (initial two even lengths 13)
#2 avg 14spl @ 3:00 (firm)
#3 avg 14spl @ 2:59 (last length 15, initial length 13)
#4 avg 15spl @ 2:58 (last length 16, initial length 14)
#5 avg 16spl @ 2:50 (last two even lengths 17, initial length 14)
#6 spl per 50yds 13/14/15/16 @ 2:52
My greater 'effort' was on #5 at an RPE of 6/7 for me. I began the session at 2/3 RPE. #6 was much easier to execute.
Set 2
I swam each 50 @ 14/15/16 and 17spl and :41/ :40/ :39/ :38. I love when I do that.
My 'warm down' consisted of
2x50 as BK/FR, BR/FR (14/14spl, 8/14spl)
2x100 FR @ avg 14spl
2x50 FR and "firm" 14 not hard, that is to say, 'perfect', breathing every three.

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