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Default Gearing Practice (no TT) -- for run, stroke tuning, and recovery

Thurs 29 April -- 1900y in 40 minutes (Training Season Total 10.750y)

I only had 40 minutes between when the pool opened and I had to leave for a meeting. But that was fine. I intended today to be an easy/recovery practice before I repeat my 3 x 550 baseline set on Saturday. I took a cue from Alan Perez and Tom Pamperin and thought it would be fun to do a gearing set/SPL Pyramid for my main set. It worked out even better than I hoped.

6 x 100 No-Fly IM (25FR@13SPL, 25BK@16SPL, 25BR@8SPL, 25 FR@13SPL)
I started out at an RPE of about 1 (on a scale of 5) and a time of 2:01 and descended to 1:48. at an RPE of a a hair below 3. My stroke count never changed..
Descending 13 seconds without adding a stroke is, of course, a high-skill task of which very few swimmers are capable. Keeping my RPE (effort level) pretty controlled made it even more satisfying

Main Set 6 x 200 on 3:45 -- SPL Pyramid
#1 13 SPL - Time: 3:16
#2 13 SPL - 3:13 (I repeated @13SPL because I thought I might have got the time wrong on the first 200; I'd actually never swum that slow before for 200y! Turns out I DID swim that slow.
#3 14 SPL - 3:09
#4 15 SPL - 3:02
#5 14 SPL - 3:00
#6 13 SPL - 2:58

Before beginning the set I thought it would be pretty good to descend the first three (going fastest at 15SPL) then hold that time as I subtracted strokes on the next two. But my stroke felt so good (super-integrated with a very firm hold on the water) I thought I could aim to actually keep descending.

As with the Tuneup, my RPE remained well controlled, maxing out around 3.

Final Set
4 x 25 - 1 each at 13-14-15-16 SPL
On each I swam as fast as possible, but silent and smooth.
I rested only 2-3 breaths between.
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