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Phew', here it is...

Originally Posted by AWP View Post

My next practice main set:
4x200 @ TT 1.20
3x150 @ TT 1.17
2x100 @ TT 1.15
1x200 * Here I'll give myself an option to a.) return to TT 1.20 and compare to perhaps the last repeat of first set or b.) use a spl 'pyramid' as 14spl, 15spl, 16spl then 15spl every 50yds, hmmm...
As a spl or TT pyramid...
I'll begin with 300 tune-up also and if I have time finish with same.
Approximate distance: 2700- 3000yds
Approximate time: within 60 min.

My actual practice time fell a bit short having left work a little later than expected but still managed to do approx. 2500yds of it.

Tuesday April 28 @ Y 25yd pool 2500yds
Warm up
300 yd tune-up as 4x 25FR 25BK 25BR @ 12/13, 14/15 and 8 spl respectively.
Main Set
4x200 @ TT 1.20 and 12/13/14, 13/14, 13/14/15 & 12/13/14 spl... 2:58, 2:57, 2:56 AND 3:00.
I began this set a bit aggressively perhaps but felt good during tune-up so stayed with lower counts to start wanting to complete a pyramid of sorts. No magic happened here when I returned to TT 1.20, in fact I came up short in time. However it was and easier repeat and one I'd be more able to sustain over a longer distance. The lowest count on each repeat was the initial one or two.
3x150 @ TT 1.17 and 13/14/15 spl... 2:14, 2:15, 2:14
This felt easier with the quicker tempo; felt like my "cruise" pace.
2x100 @ TT 1.15 and 14/15 spl... 1:27, 1:26
1x200 no TT
I opted for b.) but stupidly forgot myself a bit and did it as a spl ladder, not pyramid as: 12/13, 13/14, 14/15, 15/16 every 50yds. I came in on 3:00 flat, no real magic here either but was successful in my overall control.

I followed that with the 6x125 TT pyramid set, but had time to only complete 4 of the 6 repeats, so
4x125 @ TT 1.15, 1.17, 1.20, 1.20, x, x... 1:54, 1:55, 1:56 and 1:54
I was pleased to hit the 1:54 mark at the slower tempo and so was only left with curiosity as to what if, what if I was able to complete the pyramid, hmmm, oh well. Took it easier on this one as time whined down.
(Going forward I'll look to lose the lowest counts and focus on a more consistent, comfortable and steady count for longer periods/distances.)
I wrapped it up with a "perfect" 50yds @ 14 spl

P.S. my cumulative time for 1650 yds was 24:26 on this go, :10 better with lower spl counts overall and same tempos.
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