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Originally Posted by BradMM View Post
Just swam my first ever kilometre ! Just came her to say that, and saw your thread so ..... ** CONGRATS ** , maybe I now know that feeling.

My previous max was around 600m (only 4 weeks ago to the day it was maybe 150-200m at a stretch). Today I did 200m (2x 100m) in open water, then went around again, so 400m, then thought may as well try to make it to 500m and that wasn't so bad so I did the return to 600m, then thought let's see .. and suddenly it started getting easier so that was 800 and then I though s**t, maybe today's the day, why not? And then it was the 1,000m and I can't believe it. So yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! So nice I'm gonna to post this twice! Thanks for telling me
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