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My practice with the TT continues while I work to improve and sustain my pace as I build distance. My goal ultimately to improve my 'cruise' pace, trying to have this happen as a result of swimming more effectively instead of harder while leaving room for available increases in speed 'strategically' as I become more adept to cycling through stroke rates/ spls. Developing a more slippery body position while I do this is a big part of my focus.

Friday's main set
Pyramid as 4x25 4x50 4x75 4x100 4x100 4x75 4x50 4x25
No times. Acclimate to tempo increases as distance increases then decreases.
TT settings 1.16> 1.13, 1.12> 1.06 . Remain within 14-15 spl. 5 beeps per turn (beep1-turn, beep2-push off, beep3, beep4, beep5/stroke, > beep...)

Tuesday's main set
Ladder as 3rounds of 25,50,75,100,200yd (50-100yd backstroke between rounds) then 4@ 25,50,100yd.
TT settings 1.14> 1.12 / 1.11< 1.13
On the 4xs I lessened the tempo to hopefully hold pace while reducing spl, in essence gaining more purchase per stroke.

Thursday's main set
Ladder same as Tuesday then 4x25 4x50 4x100 (TT only on the 100s)
TT settings 1.14> 1.12 / 1.11> 1.09
Before each 200 I would increase tempo to the next repeat setting ie. TT setting 1.14 25yd>100yd then 1.13 for the 200. Next round begins at 1.13 and so on.
I wanted to practice segueing from the longest part of the repeat segment to the next round with a 'preped' sense of tempo timing. My thinking that this will further enable me to sustain or better resist lapses in my pace. A bit more rest was needed before each 200 to make this successful. Rest was kept to 3-5 cleansing breaths, perhaps 6 before each 200.
I did 'time' the 200s although difficult since my watch crapped out and I followed a wall mounted analog clock which was no easy task to focus in on. To the best of my visual ability I gather I stayed within the 2:50 and under range hitting 2:45 or just under. That's already at least :10 better than my old cruise time for 200yd. It's my intention to make at least 2:40 my brisk cruising pace. Right now I'm holding at approx :21 per 25yd length and need to better that by at least :01 accumilatively for x-distance.

Next I'll 'reverse' the ladder in some form.

Wish me luck : )

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