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Originally Posted by terry View Post
One question. You maintained the pace of :20 per 25 neatly from the 25s to the 75s. On the 100s, your pace jumped to :22 per 25. What happened there?

Your Kaizen goal for this set could be to hold the :20 per 25 steadily through the 125s, then gradually increase pace on the way down.

Excellent set plan though. There are so many opportunities to use a basic pyramid design like this to work on all the aspects of effective, economic swimming.
Breathing frequency
Rest interval
Pace (which, if SPL is held constant, means adjusting SR)
Overall set length (i.e. when you've improved all four of the above ingredients, add 4 x 150 in the middle.)

I wanted to stay within a spl range of 13 to 15 not exceeding 15 and hoped the speed/ pace would happen with an added focus on holding good posture throughout, especially while breathing, not trying to swim any harder.
After the 75s and knowing I still had 2400 yards to go I may have felt the pace a tad quick. I didn't want to lose fluidity for the sake of keeping pace. I believe on the 100s I consciously backed off a bit.
On the way down I wanted to primarily maintain the pace and preserve spl while feeling easier swimming and hopefully a slightly quicker pace.
On average I kept the same pace, quicker on some repeats of each distance some not.
Clearly my original intent did not 'happen' not by lack of focus but perhaps lack of the right focus at the right time (?). (Being timid on turns that weren't quite timed right/smooth or not as streamlined push offs may have been an issue as the distance increased).
On the back 25s I was still at :20 & 14spl. This felt easy. Admittedly I was hoping for some voodoo speed, got a taste but want it to be more constant, controlled and comfortable.

My next practice I used the same template pyramid. This time 4x 25s > 100s, 4x100s > 25s. Wanting to develop just the feel for a gradual increase in tempo as distance increased I omitted keeping times, only resting time. On the back of the pyramid I then introduced the TT. With the TT I thought I would keep the pace/tempo up, while holding sl, increasing pace slightly as I progressed. Also to ensure no 'lapses' in pace as the distance increased.
Well, yes I did peek at the time and when I did noticed I in fact kept pace and increased speed by at least 1-2 sec., this time back 25s at :18 ( I didn't allow the clock to guide me however until after the set was complete and I wanted to see if I was able to keep 'that' pace sans TT smoothly and in my spl range, so I did some 25 and 100 repeats with success).
I'll repeat this again doing it on an interval (not quite sure which yet) and use the TT on the way down again noting my times and comfort level.

(I used TT settings of 1.20 >1.08.)

I would also like to try this using the TT, increasing tempo on the way up the pyramid and decreasing tempo on the way down and see what happens while holding spl.
My goal always trying to find a way to successfully have this control with as much ease and confidence as possible and hopefully become a taller and more fluid swimmer in the process.
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