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Default if you want to swim faster - swim faster ?

Originally Posted by Josefish View Post
Congrats to you for breaking 30 minutes for a mile.
I have been doing open water races every sunday on this summer and couldn't get less than 30 minutes per mile.
I started TI 8 months ago, did a weekend workshop , kept doing the drills, swimming, using the TT and improved quite a lot.
But this summer I find myself in a "plareau" I don't avance anymore. Wasn't able to break the 30 minutes per mile, 35, 32, 33...but not less than that during the whole summer time.
So Im confused about to keep with TI or change to conventional swimming trainning...
In any case congratulations again for achieving this.

Happy laps

Sounds stupid but i was discussing my elementary running training with a friend yesterday during lunch as he was a sub 40min 10K runner.

His suggestion to me which I pass on to you and your swimming is if you want to swim faster then swim faster.

That is if you want to swim a 28 minute mile, that's 1.45 per 100m s
so start doing some 100m interval repeats of 1.40 with a 20s rest. Swimming faster than your mile pace will help bring up your mile pace, swimming lots of repeat miles probably wont.

I also think 5x300m sets holding a pace of 5 minutes would really help with 1-2 minutes rest inbetween. Teach your muscles to maintain performance even whilst starting to fatigue. You need to do the 300m sets as this type of endurance building needs a 5 minute set to be effective.

This is something I will be focusing on in the next few weeks.

Good luck.

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