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Originally Posted by dgk2009 View Post
So Terry are you saying he has a good Idea,I too have problems with sinking
legs,even after hours of s.g practice,after a few feet my legs sink,will wetsuit
bottoms help me or when I take them off will I be right back where I started.
This has been one of the best drills i've used to help correct heavy legs in people who have already tried head position, spearing deeply and opening up the axilla during spearing (you are doing all of those already right? )

The issue is that people, usually men but not always, just don't know where hte muscles are located that allows them to put pressyre on the upper torso to lighten up the hips. The idea here is not to necessarily get the feet to the surface, but to make the hips "lighter" by applying pressure in the front

Use this drill to locate the muscles that do this for you. Note that this 4 year old girl has no trouble doing's a long ish video (2:30), but look for the portions where the instructor is no longer holding onto her. That is the jellyfish drill.

Do this with a full breath of air to give the benefit of flotation. You don't have to hold yoru toes like she is doing but REACH towards the bottom and feel your hips rise as you do it. (Look where the girls hips are...they are at the surface).

Do this a few times, you'll feel your feet rise off the bottom of the pool, reach toward your toes and feel the hips rise.

Now swim a length of freestyle using that same feeling if reaching forward and down with the upper chest.

It's magical.
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