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Good advice from Baroche. Sometimes an alternative perspective will help you understand what it you're needing to fix.

The center-line snorkel by Finis is a good product to use for developing a balanced stroke. You're probably breathing on your right side which means your left arm has a shorter stroke. (You're unbalanced) The catch-up drill is a great drill to help you achieve a longer stroke on the weak side. Do these drills often until you develop the neuro-muscular coordination to accomplish a proper stroke without thinking about it.

Another great product that I could suggest is using the Tempo Trainer (Finis). Set the tempo to beep every 1.00 seconds. (Adjust as necessary if this is too long or too short) This will teach you to lengthen the short stroke and it will be identical to the other arm.

Together with the snorkel, and completing the drills, you should develop a Long & Strong stroke.

In the absence of buying all the toys, I would suggest doing the catch-up drills. When you come up for a breath of air, keep your head aligned with the rest of your body. Most people have a tendency to look backwards and toward the sky when they breath. Imagine yourself looking as low and as far forward as possible and this should help you maintain that tight body core you need. Your head forms a nice little wave (swell) when it moves through the water. Turn your body only enough to place your breathing lips in the pocket of this swell. Be patient, it takes a long time to break old habit patterns.
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