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I also have never understood the idea to release extra air to improve balance.
The lungs are the pivot point. The position of the pivot point doesnt influence the balance around the pivot point itself.
Taking the pivot point down takes the whole system down though.
Balancing with a kickboard under the chest (simulate very big lungs) at the height of the lungs only makes balancing and breathing easier is my experience.

Its probably an advice for people who hardly empty the lungs, hardly exchange air and hold their breath too much.
Letting the body sink a bit extra by breathing out more if you already feel the head is quite low is indeed a scary hurdle to overcome.
Its probably this release of tension when overcoming this hurdle and being comfortable with the slightly lower head and chest (and legs) that makes the balance improve. When comfortable with a lower front end, the action of pressing the T feels more natural , and thats the main resulting balance improver, whatever the amount of air in the lungs.
(works even better with more air in lungs, is useless without air in lungs)

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