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Originally Posted by Danny View Post
Stuart, when you have your students swimming at 0.7 s/stroke, what distances are they swimming at that stroke rate? When I work between 1.2 s and 1.3 s, I am usually swimming 300 yd/m. If I restrict my attention to 50's I can get down much lower.
Hey Danny,

Good question. Only 50y repeats, sometimes 25y (quick) repeats with enough rest to hit the next 50y at 100% mentally and physically - razor sharp focus. Generally drop down each 50y by .1 tempo, 1.1, 1.0,0.9,0.8,0.7 - and sometimes doing several 50's at fast .7 or .8, before heading back up the ladder, .75, .80, .85, .90, ... and continue up until swimmer's back in green-zone SPL.

This is relative to the swimmer. If you're swimming at 1.3 tempo now, dropping down to 1.0 in increments of .1 is a good start. I wouldn't expect you to try to get down to .8 or .7, at least not at the moment. Usually have a range (faster and slower) about +/- .4 tempo from your sustainable/comfortable tempo (and spl) where you swim a longer distance, 300, 500, etc

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