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ZT, to answer your question
" do you mean you go to a lower shoulder angle (more flat) before going to catch? Thats what I was describing as the TI way ?"
Yes, that is what I mean.

Concerning how to get the forward arm down earlier, like Terry does, I have been doing some experiments in the water and in front of a mirror. The main problem is that we are not anatomically set up to keep our elbow up if our arm is extended too close to the plane of our shoulders (outside the scapular plane). However, if you look at Terry's arm motion when his hand is moving downward, before the up side hand enters the water, it seems to me that his arm is straight, not bent at all. In fact, there are no anatomical constraints to moving your hand down early as long as you keep that arm straight while doing so. This may be the secret to Terry's catch: he keeps his arm straight as his hand moves down. I don't think you want to put too much weight on the arm in this position, because that may impact the shoulder, but by the time he goes into a catch his hand is close to under his shoulder and this may enable him to anchor better in his catch. Not sure of this, still experimenting, but it is interesting to play with these things.
Thats straight arm catch
it hits the bottom of shallow pools

Basically it goes down straight to about a 60deg angle then breaks at the elbow with the counter rotation, giving an under the shoulder catch

but you miss out on a large part of the front end and are just left with pushing back.
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