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Hi Stuart,

For whatever it's worth, I do see differences in the catch as Terry does it and, for example, as Shinji does it. There is also a lot in common between their two strokes. My suspicion is that there are some basic issues that apply to everyone, and you have laid these out quite well, which I appreciate. In particular, since getting a forearm fulcrum, I have been able to correct some of my long-standing problems and your descriptions now make a lot more sense to me and I am trying to follow your advice (with some success, I believe).

That said, I suspect that the differences one sees in styles between people like Shinji and Terry are probably due to differences in flexibility and perhaps also body density distribution. For someone with tight shoulders, like me, it might help to at least understand these differences.

There is also an undercurrent in this discussion concerning what is TI and what is SS or some other school. I personally have no interest in this aspect and would prefer to stay out of this part of the discussion. I am getting most of my advice from you, in particular, as well as from other people on this forum, and I am also drawing my own conclusions from watching film and my own personal experiences.

I think somewhere back on one of Terry's very old discussions, he said that any verbal description of swimming will help some people but not others, depending on how much common understanding exists between the explainer and the student. He went on to say that he sometimes tries a whole bunch of different ways of describing the same thing until he hits on the one that resonates with the student he is working with.

I view the discussion I am having with ZT as part of this experimentation. It may not resonate with everyone, but if it helps me, then maybe it will help someone else too. As with all advice, especially from people like me who are not coaches, user beware. I don't claim any expertise in this area.

Thanks again for your repeated explanations of these matters, which don't always click the first time I read them. I am grateful for your patience and your strong presence on this forum.
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