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Yeah when i still getting to grips with freestyle KPN's style really helped me with the semi straight arm recovery as i didnt have control over my rotation enough to do the high elbow recovery

but now i can swim a whole raft of different styles and switch them up on the go.

The main thing is Balance & Streamline once you have control over that then anything goes.

When i first heard Richard Quick say "the last thing we're concerned about is what the arms & legs are doing" i thought WTF? but now i understand.
Going back and devoting time to balance drills a playing with static balance etc really paid off
the ability to sense when your breaking streamline or unbalancing is a must learn IMPO

I see the same folk week after week dragging hips & legs low underwater & addicted to pull buoys etc
all decent swimmers but just never worked at that balance & streamline
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