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Thanks for the KPN video.
Like all coaches with a personal swimming background, they want to teach what has worked for them.
Paul Newsome has his favorite stroke, KPN has her favorite stroke, Terry has his favorite stroke.
There are similarities between all those styles which are the core of good swimming. The rest is mainly personal style.
OOmph at the front isnt Terrys style, but works great for her with her capability of forming a super effective high elbow catch.
But If I had to choose between the 3 for myself, it would be somewhere between Newsome and KPN I think, although I also like Terrys style in his pace video.

The whole weight on catch thing isnt strictly needed for all styles. Its an extra that works well for some , others hardly use it. The mechanical preparation for the force on catch is a thing that is always needed I think though.
Yeah when i still getting to grips with freestyle KPN's style really helped me with the semi straight arm recovery as i didnt have control over my rotation enough to do the high elbow recovery

but now i can swim a whole raft of different styles and switch them up on the go.

The main thing is Balance & Streamline once you have control over that then anything goes.

When i first heard Richard Quick say "the last thing we're concerned about is what the arms & legs are doing" i thought WTF? but now i understand.
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