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Default Drag and the Dominant Arm Stroke Cycle

I can't find on the Forum a discussion for novice TI swimmers who are integrating a lap swim into a daily gym workout, and are striving for efficient freestyle...... and realize that although (I am) injury free, cardio fit (lots of spin classes), and generally supple (lots of "functional" /kinetic chain type workouts), via other sports they have developed one dominant arm/shoulder that can maintain the freestyle relaxed high elbow recovery, and one shoulder/ lats that needs work. In those TI DVD scripts, no one ever seems to have to overcome a so-called dominant arm, so natural to have if you play other sports....

In my case, years of lefty tennis serves have made my left shoulder much more accustomed to that kinetic shoulder/forearm motion than the right shoulder, which again, is injury free, but has no such muscle memory. Thus I'm not getting the same amount of propulsion on the right side.

I'm aware of pilates, yoga, stretching, and of course such drills in the pool as Single Arm Freestyle, but the problem with the latter is that I breathe only facing the left side, so I can't practice single arm for my right side--which needs the work---the high elbow, fingertip drag, etc. I figure many people on this Forum have suggestions about what's worked for's not even mentioned in the TI DVDs or the TI freestyle book I have.

After 5 weeks since beginning this part-time swim regimen, I now swim a lap in a minute, without feeling out of breath..(I used to be at a length). I breathe every fourth switch. 25 yard indoor pool, salt filtration system. Thanks for your answers.
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